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Every word is an alchemical symbol.  Language was the genesis of Creation. In every cosmogony, logos creates order out of chaos. In the same way, we first get to know ourselves at the age of 2 or 3 by telling ourselves stories. They become our individual cosmogony. We stick to our first stories that start to make sense, and we incessantly repeat those stories to ourselves till we die.  

Language is the building bond, and the communal bond that keeps us together & interacting. Language is the binding spell, the magic weave. We practice magic when we speak or write in the hope we can understand & can be understood through its shared code. All our energy is concentrated on this single intent.


The Book of Destiny is the timeless concept of a book that contains everyone's story. In old times, it was prewritten by the fates or by god. In this Aquarian age, we write our own destiny.


I call it Scribal Therapy.


Scribal Therapy is writing with a healing intention, writing  to connect us with our lives, our dreams, our goals & use our past to understand our present & manifest our future.


When we write moved by spirit, automatically, with healing rather than monetizing intention, we forget ourselves as who we are in daily life. We write deeper truth. We write to find the light in us & we use it to look at ourselves & our stories. We turn ourselves into a character, look at ourselves from outside & can lighten our shadow selves. The goal is to turn silence into voice.


My philosophy of writing has developed from my decades of daily writing. I have hundreds of thousands of handwritten pages in my archives. 

I write & rewrite to cast protection on the world & ward off evil. The only way you can keep your power is to use it.


I know the subliminal power of handling language. This year my daughter went college & I've now decided to share my private scribal practice with those who seek it out.


Most writers write because we have no other choice. If we did not, we would live awash in boredom, anxiety, powerlessness, meaninglessness, chaos. Me instead of We.

I am & will be here for you as your guide to transform yourself. I am always on call.