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1. a longterm archival project comprised of podcast conversations about women’s languages, choices, agencies 

2. a platform for access to personal narratives of women, womxn, POC, enhancing their visibility in dominant culture 

3. a safe sober environment to re-examine codes, semantics, patterns, symbols, signifiers, common sense 

4. a distillation of personal narratives of our bodies as capitalist transactional goods & of our heroines’ journeys of holistic reunion, reclaiming the complexity of the feminine 

5. an educational platform dedicated to launching a new collective language & cultural acceptance & opening up space in patriarchy to resist institutionalized puritanism & change prevalent perceptions of norm


Inspired by:

1. The advent of the metoo movement which redefined women’s boundaries 

2. The newly established women’s right to consent 

3. The lack of extensive feminist curriculum or archival compilation on sexuality since the Kinsey Report, gathered last century by a white man 

4. The fact that it is easier to have sex than discuss sex

5. The need for a study of the language rather the acts of sex that language informs, describes, deforms, mutes. Language determines how we define ourselves, how we are perceived. 


Over 100 artists have agreed to be interviewed. 


Eurydice is an artist & writer, sex archivist & activist in a patriarchy that binds women to its words, laws, paradigms, aesthetics. The male gaze that turns the female nude into voyeuristic pornography turned her ancestor Sappho the Lesbian poet into the prototypical lesbian because she used man’s language as a woman. 


Financial support will expand our mission, connectivity, exposure, outreach, incl. interactive multidisciplinary exhibitions where episodes can be created, played, broadcast, supported with discussion panels, growing the living conversation.